Dumb Thieves - my Pleasure and my Pain.

Last week some finger-magician broke into my car and forgot about the rules. He cut the wires of my OGG-capable Yakumo Hypersound.

So much about a living idiot - he has no idea of technical stuff. The Yakumo has a sad firmware but plays Ogg Vorbis perfectly (unless you try something better as Q6), a horrible CD-player which always drops out or sucks the CDs, the complete and utterly worst FM-receiver I was ever able to listen to ... and ... but ... now it comes.

I wish the guy, who'll install my stolen Yakumo is one of those 'pimp-my-low-budget-car-i-can't-afford-it' with a 'i-need-the-most-bass-subwoofer' ...

... no clearvoyant might help you ... from time to time the Yakumo will kick off highest Vol and the all keys will drop dead - even the power button ... aaahhh ... *how sweet my vengeance tastes*.

Btw. My new Dayton is far more perfect for me - it remembers me not to forget the panel - but it took me two hours to fit all cables for a british car and, 'YES' - it plays Ogg Vorbis - no Fraunhofer license music in my car, plz.

P.S. I wish it has an orange ambiance light.


Rudi said...

Tja...was soll man sagen. Ist Sabine auch schon passiert. Achja, dein Auto ist dreckig !!!