Another sad school run - in Finland.

And once again I am totally shocked ... as AFP has a small version, swedish DN has far more info about an 18-year-old guy killing between one (AFP) and seven (DN) dead people at a school near Helsingfors/Helsinki.

"One killed, three injured in school shooting in Finland" by AFP

"Sju dog i skolskjutningen" by DN

UPDATE: TechDigest posted a story about a YouTube video. It looks like the whole story had been announced on the net via youtube by someone calling himself "Sturmgeist89"?

He tagged the clip as "NaturalSelector89" (his old username before deletion by youtube), but he deleted his manifests - the third clip has already been removed from the tube. His Profile is still avail in the Google-Cache.

Just found a translated german version of the text at the WELT online - do they want to turn it a bit into their point of view? I do miss one real interesting thing in this german translation.

Books: Fahrenheit 451 (Bradbury), 1984 (Orwell), Brave New World (Huxley), The Republic (Plato), all works of Nietzsche

That's the way media works. Just put him into the cliché ... well done german press.