Treasure Island Pro7 slow-mix 2007.

As a short summary of the german made TV-movie of 'Treasure Island': what an utterly piece of crap.

After nearly 20 minutes I had to turn it off - I could not stand it any longer. If there would be an award for 'best dull-and-dumb-looking actors' - they would win it instantly - skyhigh. Non-existant dialogues and outrageous scenes - I am still speechless how much money must have been spent for such a 3-hour-epic. If the cutters would have had the guts; it could have been cut down to a story of ... 45 minutes?

From 1 to 10 points definitely worth a -5.

I hope no other country has the idea to buy this shame of german TV-adaptation. Did I mention that it would be better to show the 1990 version featuring young Christian Bale and Mr. 'from-my-dead-cold-hands' Charlton Heston? Or even better: Read the novel.

P.S. But I am in grief about Jürgen Vogel - which I have not even seen after those wasted 20 minutes of my life - but even his character would not be able to rescue this adaption.