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After Kebnekaise we had no more connection to the outer world. Many funny stories to tell. But at first comes the end. Singi, Sälka, Tjäktja (the pass was not as hard to take as many people said - even in a guide they exaggerated), Alesjaure, Abiskojaure and finally Abisko. It can be a bit depressive while looking at the white water of the Abeskoeatnu you hear a horn and realize a bridge crossing the river with a freight train of 80 wagons transporting iron from Kiruna to Narvik - instant thought: return to Fjäll. Almost forgot to make a picture. But after check-in and a good sleep - here comes something for the swedish chef de cuisine from Stockholm (hej Niklas): Steaked ägg med rökt ren, lök, paprika och tomaten. Now that was a good start back in civilization.

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Monja said...

Heya :) Hoffe, ihr habt Spaß! Sieht sehr danach aus... Danke für den Link! Ich werd euch jetzt jeden Tag besuchen :)