Rocking the LAP-D and the Darkness.

So yesterday the ancient offerplats 'Baddusdievva' was the first stop for the great view off Cuonavaggi (Lapporten). On the way to Nissunvaggi we went lucky to loose the track, wandered by compass and the Lovely Young Woman was satisfied by 5 Renhorn in the 'Lapponian Desert' - we could'nt end our trip without those.

So today we started smooth as it rained all the time since morning, sought a better way to 'wet our pants' and took an official grottning tour. The caves between Abisko and Björkliden are hard to find (known since 1983), and should be visited with a guide (not a printed one, but of flesh, bones and a senseful mind for the point of return). It was dark, wet, loud as hell, a bit scary and too much water for a 'rebirth' (a full walk through until the exit). Btw. our guide Christian is a hell of a mean climbing machine.
Last day in Abisko is near - *sobb*.

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