The Night the Earth still tagged the Moon.

[UPDATE:] I meant cool songs, really. Not uncool nursery rhymes or tekkno.

Tonight is a very special night. The moon is bigger than ever (no, not the end of the world as we know it) and it should be a long one too, really good weather worldwide (just kidding).

So, while participating on a funny but really heavy non-contest at german spreeblick, crawling through memories and music archives to find 'The best Songs of the World as Compilation [...]', I just started the 'apogee2008'-tag on last.fm - the combination of the circumstances, many feelings, love and hate really also available (I just started it, so it's only three songs yet, after one hour of listening).

If you want to make it global within last.fm, be invited, use the same tag.

(Btw. Disabled scrobbling only for the contest, but still online)