RSS Media Overkill - Take this Hand.

Pfehw ... All this RSS-stuff can get a bit too much to handle. There do exist so many different possibilities to manage all the feeds and media, but with now with EVA8000 there is another possibility - NOT?

The interface is a hog, so let's get back several steps (tap, tap, tap) and say "It's just a little player" - "It's just a little player." - Good, because 24/7 it eats too much power.

To handle about 20 different podcasts per day (or even countless), the NSLU2 unslung or even running Debian seems to be far more better - using BashPodder.

BashPodder is not THE program or script, but it shows perfectly how simple one could manage his personal data-mining. Momentarily about 30 different modifications have been contributed to the official page - so the possibilities are endless.

Now with like any other media like ogg, flac, mp4, mov (who cares about Fraunhofers mp3 anyway), you could only have one archive on the NSLU2 and are able to play it everywhere - SSH included, but that's another story to tell. Nothing has changed and everything works. Thanks to 'linc' and his three small scripts.