Strange ecological meanings and good friends.

If you wake up by melting away, this is a summer in scand with 25c at 7 o'clock. You remember last night when your neighbours started throwing wooden piles, for a Kubb match around midnight and directly afterwards a table pops out of nowhere. Funny teamup seemed to end near 6 o'clock in the morning.

Now let's take back those empty 4 cans of beer (light - thx to ryanair) and 2 bottles of water. There is something called Pant and you should get some money back. But this well-known camping lot in Gothenburg says, they don't take them back, just put the empty cans in a garbage can - that's a funny folk interpretation of environmental protection.

Scandinavias biggest telco managed after 3 years that visitors (at least me) are allowed to use the internet if they own a prepaid card. As ordinary tourist do not forget your swedish ID - but the times they are changing, may it be IPRED. So the service is much better: Telcos service point just frags completely the whole mobile configuration incl. SSL but shows a full functioning integrated browser. Opera, Twitter, Mail and Jabber do not work anymore.

During a wonderful sightseeing trip by boat, you have the time to reconfigure your old settings of SSL, Opera, Twitter, Mail and Jabber.

The end of a wonderful day misses the best: a good meal and to meet friends. So now it gets real interesting, as to become aware that Svensk Piratpartiet knows about ############# (the following has been censored by your personal spare-time management system)

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