Day 1: Gothenburg still stands or vice versa.

At first: ryanair is not as evil as everyone says, at least they did not follow their regular rules and made me pay my debts: short-circuited they declared my 25kilo backpack with 7.5kilo!? Thank you very much - you saved me at least one good beer in scandinavia! (*ptsch-sip-sip*)

Flygbussarna on the other hand doubles the price using a neat trick: the map shows the busline from Göteborg City Airport (Säve) till Landvetter Airport. Tricky as you are to reach Korsvägen you pay 60:- (SEK) for the transfer. In the middle of the town the bus stops and you have to get off, climb and pay again 60:- for the other line towards the other airport.

No way, the old man thinks to conquer a public bus or cable ... but all efforts to use everything but coins on the ticket machine are useless as all bank machines fill your wallet with funny printed worthless paper. Its the north, your mind whispers, try a credit card. But where once upon a time seemed to be a slot now shimmers a shiny silver plate - you are able to buy a single beer but not a cable ticket with a CC. Just sit down, noone cares about, mumbles a nice old man on the cable, but his nonsober words smellable 20m against the wind had enough power to put me instantly into GOD-mode: a small tiny itzi-bitzi button on the ticket machine explains the SMS-Ticket! Still in GOD-mode I managed to even understand those swedish instructions and yet in GOD-mode I took out my swedish prepaid mobile (again got 1000 free SMS after refill) and paid my dues to the city of Göteborg.

But the salad with noodles and fresh shrimps for 50:- rocks sky-high!

Already a picture of actual swedish food design - tastes the food the same?

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