Back into the streets - wtf is is happening?

Normally there is no need to post strange things. But what's that? I do use Privoxy (as everyone should do) .... and I can see something strange directly after the system startup.

Sep 09 23:37:58.111 00001104 Request: mscrl.microsoft.com/pki/mscorp/crl/mswww(4).crl
Sep 09 23:37:58.969 00001138 Request: mscrl.microsoft.com/pki/mscorp/crl/Microsoft%20Secure%20Server%20Authority(5).crl
Sep 09 23:38:32.290 000013b0 Request: ocsp.verisign.com/MFEwTzBNMEswSTAJBgUrDgMCGgUABBQ%2FxkCfyHfJr7GQ6M658NRZ4SHo%2FAQUCPVR6Pv%2BPT1kNnxoz1t4qN%2B5xTcCEHY4XeYUvL5brk1J2a6JXPc%3D

This is no fun.

Is there anyone out there who is able to explain this to me? By the way - my last update was ... 8 hours ago.

P.S. Microsoft ... stop it ... now.