Better weather since Narvik.

Always chitchat about the weather can really be ... Annoying? But in Abisko now is a clear sky, the wind has stopped and still -20 degrees just because of our small trip to narvik which is at least 10 times bigger than Kiruna (crazy norwegians to cite our bus driver).

And more and more this swedish railway organisation keeps winning me as a supporter: "if you use the ticket-machine in narvik, it's cheaper. So i will sell you a oneway ticket. Will you pay Visa or Master?" - it is not this coolness or this nice question how i'll like to pay, but he betrays his firm! No! He works for his customers if he tells me how to get the better price! But the trick from yesterday with the card did not work again, so we had to pay the half price of what Kirunian taxi drivers tear from our pockets for a tenth of route length! Shame on you, Kiruna. I mean 350 SEK for a five minute way and no bus? Thats a nice trick! Let's see if i will be able to hire someone for ... 200 SEK?

Nevertheless hopefully, we can do some cross-country skiing tomorrow. Not yet sure which route, but ...

P.s: norwegians sell weapons in ordinary malls, but from tonight at two, they invent 'the last order'! What an innovative idea.

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