Vacations are always too short.

Hard to leave friends. Men tack för allt och vi ses i sommaren (need to install swedish on my phone).

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silentdan said...

:-) something to bite on?

if u want to improve your swedish u can help me and translate sofias blog for me!


a met here in husavik she is now in instanbul, hopefully till end of month … 

GrumpyOldMan said...

Sharpminded Dan!

Berndt gave me "Män som hatar kvinnor" from Stig Larsson to read - I should give it back to him in half a year.

I'll write something about it, because the movie will come on 27th of Feb (swedish version). Clip on Youtube featuring Noomi Rapace - *sigh*

And so I had to buy "Låt den rätte komma in" ...

daniel john said...

Nice pic.

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