The 2 Degree Difference Phenomenon.

Much more comfortable to hike with a bit more wind and as we walk from south to north the temperature falls a bit. From now on, as far as I remember some weather stats (need to put a link in here), the temperature falls in 4 days about 2 degrees - even with the sun full shining. Perfect: less sweating, less mosquitos today on the way from Aktse to Sitojaure.

The people are great as long as they know the rules ... the Stugvärd from Aktse told us that only yesterday, for 3 times the hikers did not bring back the boats for crossing the lake if it is on their turn. It should be that simple: if there is only 1 boat left on your side of the river, you have to row 3 times: first to come to the other side and drop your stuff; second to grab a second boat to bring it back to where you came from and finally the third round to get to your stuff. 12km instead of 4km to row, but if you don't want to row, hire a boat taxi.

Is was too much work now using T9 as it is not so well written... I'll have another cigarette and attach the actual view.

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