Less Wind, plz.

We stick to Saltoluokta. We do not want to, but we have to, as the wind from the west has reached 8 up to 10 m/s so there is no ferry at the moment. It's really crazy to have the sun shining with all it's got to give, charging the batteries in less than three hours, but wearing gloves as temperature dropped down to 7 degrees because of the wind.

The team of Saltoluokta just announced free coffee for all. So let's make the best of it.

Ah. And I should have a short call to Meindl ... I do not know what has has happened to my boot.

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silentdan said...

meindl repariert! meine sind total verosstet, auch achon geärgert das die bei 200 e schuhen, kein anderes metal benutzen, damm it!