STOP - Do not tatsch sees kees.

Gerrrrmany again rrreturrrns to hissss old long forrrgotten state - hopefully not.

A short english written summary about the plans to implement internet filters for german netizens has been published several days ago at spreeblick.com - based upon the german PR-campaign "Du bist Deutschland" (You are Germany) several years ago, there is also a fresh released english subtitled video of "Du bist Terrorist" (You are a Terrorist) at vimeo available.

Not so many days left for the online petition - so if you want to, you can help germany to solve a pure technical and knowledge-based problem: sign the online petition.

You do not have to be a citizen of germany - it is still called a democracy - and if these (useless) filters have been established, a truthful mind knows what follows.

As the EU elections are on their way, it hopefully might also become a sign to the rest of europe - but too sad; I can not find any more international notes about the situation in germany at this moment.