CD Cover Meme - Miombo Barbet.

(via SANOMAT - the german finsk pal) - A very nice idea. Creative workout - so to say.

Have you ever heard of the algerian DJs who call themselves "Miombo Barbet"? Me neither, but their first sampler looks quite interesting ... just kidding, it is a fake cover art for a nonexistant band.

1. A random band name.
2. A random album name (the last four words of the quotation).
3. A random picture (but check the rights of the picture if it really is under editable CC-license!).
4. Try to do your best.

So, Dan - show me what you've got!

Funny flickr pool of built covers and maybe the best flip-cover-show.

About the history of "Miombo Barbet" - a bird found on Africa. The album title has been sponsored by Sir Peter Ustinov (what a lucky boy I must be).And the wonderful picture from flickr fell in my hands. The font KomikaZoom has been found at one of the numerous mirrors with apostrophes Fonts.

Update: if you need a picture with an appropriate CC-licence you could check flickr using a small script from mikelietz