Why we all need Ad hoc-Mode on Google Android phones.

As Android wins against Symbian, Apple & many more like Apple and Palm ... (Mubarak is gone - the net and politics! Now!)

The short & simple question & the answer:
The whole world should have mentioned about 1st Tunisia & 2nd Egypt - the 2nd example is the even better one - as everyone was able to see what happens when a country 'becomes' offline. But humanity is not helpless as many netizen (I do miss a british version like 'neticen', btw.) even reestablished old ways of digital & analogue communications from Egypt to the rest of the world: from modem dial-in access points, via facsimile stations and even traditional HAM-based morse-code stations ... from the EU, Telecomix' activists did their citizen-based best to keep information flowing! But back to the problem of missing Ad hoc connectivity on Android devices (the moment technical stuff becomes political ... too late, baby!)

Only with Ad hoc mode everyone is capable to establish a citizen based net - now you may ask yourself, what is Ad hoc networking? There's a nice article at the wikipedia about Ad hoc networking - but this is only one part as you can only connect from one device to another without an acces point (f.ex. WLAN-based-router) ...

Here we go: At the moment there is only a german word like "Angst" (no pun intended) or "Kindergarten" for this iniative called "Freifunk" - article @wikipedia - using a protocoll called OLSRD (Optimised Link State Routing Protocoll) every device can connect and transfer data to every other device using the same protocol - the best translation could be: "multi-hop ad-hoc mesh networks". Nowadays it is not only possible to install the f.ex. OpenWRT-package on many kinds of routers (it has all begun with the WRT-54 by Linksys), but also people can share their 'true' internet connections to a whole subnet of 'Freifunk'-Routers, which enables people that cannot afford it, to at least become a digital user.

One my favourite examples is a short view on Rostocks map of Freifunk Access points (or OpenNet). So this is a citizen based net using ordinary routers (which are flashable to become open Freifunk devices).

Would'nt it be fun to establish Ad hoc networking from mobile device to mobile device via a third mobile device - free - for everyone even on the run?

Dear ppl. at Google: solve this sad and ugly thread No.82 (which has been started in January of 2008?!? WTF?): I know, there are many other ways to build Ad hoc networks (my 2nd fav is on B.A.T.M.A.N.), but without even the possibility to connect to an Ad hoc network on an Android based mobile device, it is all only closed and for the profit and useless for the citizens of every country - so please, for the people, do it for real - and include it into an official build.

The idea behind ... NO! It is not an idea anymore - we are in need of it - NOW!

For Android programmers & consultants of Google - no fun anymore:
Mobile Ad hoc Networking (Manet) - RFC2501
Generalized Mobile Ad Hoc Network - RFC5444
(don't be evil - heard that before?)

To all free developers: You are already on the right way. Even with OLSRD on Android. Great job'n'keep it on.

Many people might have some questions about the political stuff like "net neutrality", "encryption & security", "file sharing", and so on and so forth ... that's not the point ...

... it is all about the possibility to establish a citizen based network vs. the oligopoly of access providers & the content lobby & ... yeah, sure, about the old people using ball-pens which shut down lines at will.

Additional sources (all linked):
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