I'm a Twitter Quitter - but why?

Several people asked me why I want to quit Twitter, not even to quit, but really vaporize the account! Someone could take it over and misuse it, or, or, or... I don't care - I'll just kill it with more than a 1,000 real followers & 11,000+ posts.

Well, it was really fun to start with Twitter - during one day there are things of interest you stumble upon, that happen to you, that you ... for my account ME thinks as *havetoshareit* (hell-of-a-sentence).

It's not the prob of a 140 chars.
To point things out: mentioning interesting stuff (from my POV) or just to say something - as long as you are aware that you've written something everyone can see, read, understand OR even misunderstand, such things like Twitter are great - it gets even indexed by your beloved search engines (always remember that - the net does not forget).

So, why do I quit Twitter?
That's easy - in my simple words: many things have happened the last 2 years. f.ex. Wikileaks: people from all around the world got mails from Twitter, that the US gov (some FEDs, whoever) wants to have all information of your account. No matter if they are from the US or (best example) a member of the parliament of Iceland. - I did not like that.

There are also things like "trending topics" which, from time to time just disappear in your timeline - noone knows why, noone knows how. Again Wikileaks, esp. "#Assange" which disappeared from the "Trends" after several hours - Twitter said, because of the algo ... noone can check it, noone can proof it - Twitter is closed source. - I do not like that.

At the moment we do have many countries in the world, where citizens organize demonstrations, gatherings, meetings to discuss, work & live (and even die) for the possibility of a better world (from their point of view). Many of those were organized using closed-source tools like Twitter or Facebook based on a single server of a company stated in the US - I can not accept this situation.

As data aka information must flow, I prefer to use a better way of Open Source based decentralised communication to check whether a gov can have their hands on it from any country: So I use and even try to support stuff like identi.ca from status.net (ex-laconica), diaspora and friendika. As simple as that ...

Because I do datalove <3 the internet!

Build your own Decentralised Social Network Server!

Oh, and ... things like G+ ... I'll quit googlemail next ... in october.

3rd test ... mail2blog ... sry.

test no. 3 ...
Mail kommt von unterwegs und kann mehr Fehler als üblich enthalten.

just a second test for identi.ca … plz ignore …

…sorry … (to be deleted this evening).

Last preparations for this 'summer'… techx - plz ignore.

… just testing a new bridge from mail 2 blogger.com via twitterfeed to identi.ca aka status.net hopefully ending up in frndk.de.

I did not manage to establish something like this directly via mail 2 blogger.com -> frndk.de -> identi.ca/status.net …

If someone has a better idea – I'd really appreciate it …