All the thanks, kisses and cheers to the Nightshift today (tonight?).

Not talking about a King script or a really good scandinavian movie.

But for everyone working 1 hour more this night for the summer-/wintertime-stuff ...

... all the thanks to your job (even it it is in Paris whre the UTC lives.

P.S. Yeah, M$, AP, SE, Nk, and the rest of the bunch (technically written) - just fix it, many thanks (I do have to switch the time manually?!?)

P.P.S This post has been scheduled for release in one hour - so it's just a part of the system ... you know (the damn idiots)?


Long Time ago - Battlefield Vietnam.

Once upon a certain LAN-party-time there was this really well equipped soundtrack - well, like others before I just tried to track them down at last.fm - succesfully - many others just forgot that the 'valkyrie'-stuff was originally from 'the guy called Wagner' - so I found that too (*evil grin*).

Have fun with it: Grumpys 'battlefield-vietnam'-tag at last.fm


last.fm Opponent?

Too sad it does not work outside of Sweden yet ...

But spotify.com could become a nice web alternative listening music over the net. They just made several major deals.

Btw. IP-based-country-content-blocking sucks so much ...