Sound of Spreeblick auf die Ohren - Part 1.

Nachdem die Wahnsinnigen mit dem wassergetrübten Blick die drei 'besten' Songs (jedweder Form) gesucht hatten, liegen nun die Ergebnisse vor.

Zum WarmTaggen, habe ich mal mit den Top-20 angefangen (die jetzt zwangsläufig eine Top-22 darstellen).

Die anderen werde ich wohl mal am Samstag anfangen - vielleicht möchte ja jemand kollaborativ mitmischen (nach Alphabet?)? So Web2.0-mäßig? last.fm-Account wäre natürlich (leider) die Voraussetzung.

Aber zur Sache, Schätzchen. Eine Melodie, eine Musik, ein sperriges 'Sound of Spreeblick - Top 20'-Tag - Rohrfrei.

P.S. Um aus diesen 'personal'-tags offizielle zu machen, müßte nur jemand ein paar der Songs ebenfalls unter genau diese Tag 'Sound of Spreeblick - Top 20' abspeichern, klar, ne?


News from the Halblinks ...

Ah. Neuigkeiten von Down Under. Direkt mal die Karte aktualisieren.

Größere Kartenansicht


RSS Media Overkill - Take this Hand.

Pfehw ... All this RSS-stuff can get a bit too much to handle. There do exist so many different possibilities to manage all the feeds and media, but with now with EVA8000 there is another possibility - NOT?

The interface is a hog, so let's get back several steps (tap, tap, tap) and say "It's just a little player" - "It's just a little player." - Good, because 24/7 it eats too much power.

To handle about 20 different podcasts per day (or even countless), the NSLU2 unslung or even running Debian seems to be far more better - using BashPodder.

BashPodder is not THE program or script, but it shows perfectly how simple one could manage his personal data-mining. Momentarily about 30 different modifications have been contributed to the official page - so the possibilities are endless.

Now with like any other media like ogg, flac, mp4, mov (who cares about Fraunhofers mp3 anyway), you could only have one archive on the NSLU2 and are able to play it everywhere - SSH included, but that's another story to tell. Nothing has changed and everything works. Thanks to 'linc' and his three small scripts.


Following the Halblinks.

Nice to read and follow my friends directly, even with Streetview:

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The Night the Earth still tagged the Moon.

[UPDATE:] I meant cool songs, really. Not uncool nursery rhymes or tekkno.

Tonight is a very special night. The moon is bigger than ever (no, not the end of the world as we know it) and it should be a long one too, really good weather worldwide (just kidding).

So, while participating on a funny but really heavy non-contest at german spreeblick, crawling through memories and music archives to find 'The best Songs of the World as Compilation [...]', I just started the 'apogee2008'-tag on last.fm - the combination of the circumstances, many feelings, love and hate really also available (I just started it, so it's only three songs yet, after one hour of listening).

If you want to make it global within last.fm, be invited, use the same tag.

(Btw. Disabled scrobbling only for the contest, but still online)

Farewell, beautiful woman.

The Original most photographed pin-up model of the world has left - Betty Page died yesterday, 11th of December, 2008 at the age of 85.

She truly was the inspiration for zillions of posings and motives - she even has had her own living cover-version (we know her called Dita von Teese).

Farewell and greetings to MM.

via BBC-News.


New Boy-Toy: EVA8000 from Netgear.

I am a bit sad about ... to write this down ... well, I thought it was a good idea to invite more less deck-binded hardware into our cosy home.

EVA8000 from Netgear looked quite ok to replace the old athlon-based-energy-killing-video-/audio-stream-server and it's penguin-based; what else do you need? Even a small card is within the package, telling everyone about the GPL and seperateley the GNU-stuff - bought!

And it works quite well ... almost (what have you thought, though?).

@first: Before you directly connect something or attach it to the net (explicitly written down for dumb users) - get a cheapo USB-stick as 'media-data' device. EVA8000 (eq. with 128MB of RAM) needs EXTERNAL(!) memory for your media library - so all scanned data has to be saved somewhere, if you have a NAS or a USB-drive, EVA just chooses it and starts writing (if she has the right to do so - M$ Windoze-users somewhere?)

... building several directories, meta-information of your music and video-files, internet-radio preferences, configuration files of Samba-servers ... containing 'cleartext passwords' of your SMB-shares and ... WAIT, WHAT?


No way. So let's check the amount of data we're talking about - I took my first data as example: approx. 3,500 files on your HDD/NAS/whatever needs about 800K of metadata for the EVA-8000 from Netgear.

Hmmm ... it does not save any pictures, RSS-feeds, podcasts, videocasts ... but who knows what may come up next - so maybe a 1 GB-stick should be enough for max. of 1TB of real data.

So, at first without anything else attached but a USB-stick on the back of EVA (configured as her personal monkey ;-) could feed her as cache, safe config place and archive without bugging any kind of TB-HDD spinning up and down. *Phew* - the passwords remain unsecure, but it's safe that they stay local on the stick, nor (what about EVAs-web-interface?)?

Upcoming: Try to introduce to EVA a local or not 'web-shoutcast'-based webradio which works perfectly with any (open and closed) client from 'Foobar' up to 'xmms' (did I mention winamp?)- Vigor's lastFMproxy vs. EVA - no chance to listen to last.fm or Pandora, because of 'missing' metadata or capabilities (sad but true) - and we are not talking about HDMI-stuff here. What are standards for? Do we ignore them? Did someone hire enthousiastic script kiddies and no pros? I do not know it - but one thing for sure: EVA8000 is not yet far from plain acceptable.

P.S. Someone might ask about the r/w-cycles of USB-sticks and the whole discussion - as answer for EVA8000: Do you really scan every night your whole archive? Why? What for? Leecher? Get something else - I do it on demand ... idiots.

P.P.S. Thought and tried about manipulating the 'netradiofavourites' (XML-file) of EVA8000. No chance. It seems that Netgear only supports one kind of format - whether it is mp3 or not, but only shoutcast? Really funny? Did'nt the 6 year OLD NOXON from Terratec support any kind of mp3? Yes it did. Glad to own one - sad for Netgear - we are talking about the penguins, aren't we?