Remember the Bicycle Day.

Albert Hofmann lordly left our sphere at the age of 102 years.


Guitar Hero was nice - now let's get real.

After a wonderful saturday night with GH3 on a Wii (wireless, great!), I think the next step should be taken. I want a game with a real guitar - since nowadays processors are really fast, this should be possible. And it is.

Why can't it be already late 2008?

Looks like a perfect winter to me.

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"Save A Ronin" - mentally ...

Before hell burns over, our silent friend needs some help as it seems – before something wanders off to another museum right around the corner.

The collection has already started on saturday ...

And I want that shirt!


My musical pros ...

Now for me and my friends everywhere ... All available songs from Guitar Hero I-III and the 80's for easy listening moments when a console is not available.

I wish EA would upload all songs of the BF series to last.fm.


So many countries ... so view chances.

It will be nice to see again a metal band at the Eurovision Song Contest - but why on the dark side of earth it has to be Teräsbetoni (ferroconcrete)? Dear Finns ... you could do better than a northern Manowar!

Btw. Thanks to swedish television, where you can already check out all countries participants.

And Dan, forget about Iceland ... ok, it's shivering, but that's all.


You need an institution for the truth?

TWH, Pentagon and the Media walking hand-in-hand? Unbelievable?

Do one really need the NYT, telling an already well-known truth? Ask Art Spiegelmann (in german, sorry).

*I forgot the 'sarcasm'-tags.*


Don't feed the Trolls.

Seems to be a good start for a summer on Iceland with Halli Kúl Polka - good luck, Dan. Vi ses.


Rockin' la Bonanza ...

My silent friend already has his new spare-time bag for his trip into the tundra ...

I'll start with a moveable house ... two apsis, 'bout 3kg ... less weight is not affordable ... I do not want to go to Alaska, but Denali seems to be the best choice.


"... from my cold, dead hands ..."

One of the real grumpy old men has left this reality ... farewell - I'll remember you thinking about your good old days from "Soylent Green" and "Planet of the Apes" and not your dark site of life.


Dumb Thieves - my Pleasure and my Pain.

Last week some finger-magician broke into my car and forgot about the rules. He cut the wires of my OGG-capable Yakumo Hypersound.

So much about a living idiot - he has no idea of technical stuff. The Yakumo has a sad firmware but plays Ogg Vorbis perfectly (unless you try something better as Q6), a horrible CD-player which always drops out or sucks the CDs, the complete and utterly worst FM-receiver I was ever able to listen to ... and ... but ... now it comes.

I wish the guy, who'll install my stolen Yakumo is one of those 'pimp-my-low-budget-car-i-can't-afford-it' with a 'i-need-the-most-bass-subwoofer' ...

... no clearvoyant might help you ... from time to time the Yakumo will kick off highest Vol and the all keys will drop dead - even the power button ... aaahhh ... *how sweet my vengeance tastes*.

Btw. My new Dayton is far more perfect for me - it remembers me not to forget the panel - but it took me two hours to fit all cables for a british car and, 'YES' - it plays Ogg Vorbis - no Fraunhofer license music in my car, plz.

P.S. I wish it has an orange ambiance light.