Short Ping from Kebnekaise ... tyvärr.

We had to take the short way. As we were in need of 2 days of rest (1 @ Sitasjaure, 1 @ Hukejaure - and both are fantastic - much better than f.ex. Kebnekaise) now we would miss our plane to STHLM ... mhhhhh ... naaaaaaaa. So we took the "short" way from Hukejaure to Singi. Short, because we had 2km on top, because of a private bridge for reindeer & we thought from far away it was the right one.

The second time a private thing, like vattenfalls private road disturbed... :-/

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Short Ping from Ritsem.

After our short walk of 140km from Kvikkjokk we arrived at Ritsem. Tomorrow offline again - somewhere here between Ritsem & Abisko (hope the link to the STF map works) http://is.gd/UELzXb

Some first pics (the camera of the Dell Streak is terrible).

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Last Ping from Kvikkjokk.

That was fast. A night train is a great way for a quick entrance to scandinavias outer rim. So for today are 16km left to hike.

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