Mobile blogging from far far away - test.

Just a short test to check bloggers mail capabilities. So I may write via my mobile ... Maybe twitter or plazes should be tested.


Donne-moi ce Truc !

Strange things are happening around at the Circle K. Right two weeks ago I started a new last.fm-playlist for my personal
festival wishes including many french artists, and now Fréderic of the Spreeblick-team posted a list with six of his personal most influential french tracks.

Before I start a new "I-can't-sing-french-but-do-it-anyway"-tag (it has to include Anthrax and Turbonegro, for sure, maybe Placebo ...), let's put a bee in your bonnets.

Nearly all on the comments were available ...


Side Effects ...

The truck drivers in Spain and France are on strike because of the raising fuel prices ... and it seems like the newspapers also have a problem. But is it really a problem to deliver directly using a PDF like Libération does for today?

A nice side effect and a nice free edition. Merci beaucoup, camionneurs!


Best Game at the Moment.

Last official second has passed - but Switzerland<->Turkey is momentarily the best game I have seen at EM08. What a fight.

Update 93m: What a great game ... what a great goal and Switzerland is only a host.