The Drink for the Elite ...

Real life incidents could happen ...

... but I still missed No. #665 ...


Seattle + Seattle = Kultur Shock + KEXP.

Sometimes I am too dumb to count from 1 to 10. Irregulary listening to KEXP (where music matters) now for more than 9 years, I really forgot about their online-archive.

Found two studio-gigs from 2002 and 2005 of Kultur Shock - admireable!

Thanks Dad.

He did the right choice for me when I was a kid.


Please, talk clear.

I just thought to send a link to a friend for a nice idea of a summer-trip.


I don't think I sent something comprehensible.


Linux anywhere, me Idiot! - Part 2


Yesterday in the evening I thought it might be a good idea to have a full functional linux-driven USB-stick for all 'known' platforms. I think I made a good start.

- Checked my 'put-all-on-the-stick' (still need a name) under the ugly Vista. First startup, the box crashes. Had to disable the sound. Now it works. Made a second startup-batch-script with disabled sound. Network works out-of-the-box (a real surprise btw.). *done*

- I only did a minimal installation of Debian, btw. Now I select the appropriate packages for my needs - a good hint for a start is 'A minimal setup with X' from Debian (gde, fluxbox chosen). I try Iceweasel (the Debian port of Firefox) and secure it with Privoxy, NoScript, AdBlockPlus - for the development, the Web Developer and Exif Viewer. *done*

- Not to forget to harden the system! Securing services, iptables, etc. pp.

- To get access via ssh from the regular host, use '-redir'. I just tried to connect via putty including a local tunnel to Port80. *done*


Linux anywhere, me Idiot! - Part 1

Whilst administration of and programming my noble wife's site, I challenge my PC, the server, my Mac at work, my wife's eMac or a power- or notebook, whatever and wherever ... and always have to change something, test something, upgrade something, you know what I mean ...

Why in the world, did I not yet made an USB-stick containing a mirror of the site? Not only for backup reasons, but also as a start-or-boot-linux-whatever-chip-I-confront-thingy?

NSLU - you have to wait. Here comes the world of qemu for linux, 'Q' for the Mac, sadly Qemu for Microsnoft Windows, Debian for sure and so here I go - anything else I may need I should find at pendrivelinux.

- USB-stick, 2GB, cheapo but it works. *done*

- Grab the Debian-Installer - I use the smallest one, the business-card, the rest comes over the net. *done*

- Download 'Q' for the Mac. *done*
'Q' names the HD-images ".qcow" - I don't know why, but as it seems, I could use any name within Linux and M$W. Installation? Started, HD-Image created (1.5GB should be enough), let's go.

- Install Debian - the ordinary stuff, small, encrypted image, tiny X, apache, MySQL ... oh, Python not to forget. *done*

- While waiting for the Mac, I do switch places - download and install qemu for Windoze (I don't know if it will work with Vixxxa, so I'll try Wbug2K first. Looks like it works, but I do need TAP for the network and there exists an accelerator. All these things and How-To's can be found at the 'QEMU on Windows'-site (check out the 'Documentation' - sounds silly, but it contains all evident hints). Tested using the Debian-installer-image under W2K until an affirmative download has been started. *done*

- Still waiting for the finish of Deb's install. I comment sth worthfully in german at the Handelsblatt. *done*

- "Package Selection" - I know my wife will come home within the next minutes (always the wrong time if you have started a new game ;-), so I think I have to snip it right here. "What?" you may ask. 'Q' for the Mac allows a full 'Session Save' - it rocks. But I have to continue as long as I am alone ... Restart and fulfill ... *done*

- *whew* - the package selection and installation has finished, just in time. So let's try a reboot of the sandbox but not on the mac, I have to try the rest on the PC - it works.

The LUKS passphrase is the encryption key for hda1 (aka the virtual disk .qcow) I defined before.

Ah. My wife is home. Let's try an 'apt-get update', everything fine ... aaaaaaand CUT! *done*

Time spent: 2.5 hrs.
--- to be continued ---


Feed my brain ... with a boy-toy.

I have to flash something ... fast ... have not openend any case for months now ... ok. Calm down. Wait till the week-end. Take a cheapo NSLU, unsling it ... and rock again in my whole net.


Ein Ferkel, ein Ministerium und Gott.

Vielleicht sollten Erwachsene auch mal wieder Kinderbücher lesen. Lesen und verstehen. Schön, daß es ab und an erziehungsberechtigte Menschen gibt, die sich nichts vormachen lassen, im Gegensatz zum bundeschristlichdeutschen Familienministerium.

Das Buch "Wo bitte geht's zu Gott?" darf im Handel bleiben - und ich hatte bereits die Befürchtung, ich müßte es verbrennen.


The Vampires strike back.

Doctorow seems to be on a full presentation trip in Berlin. netzpolitik.org has also made an interview.

And he wears a cooler shirt.

Online Videos by Veoh.com

Gygax HD+70.

His name always sounded like arisen from a Monster Compendium. Nowadays you don't know how to throw the dices. But Gary invented them. In addition to what dan already said:

"Fare well, noble man."

P.S. boingboing rereleased an interview from 2003.


Interview with a Vampire.

Cory Doctorow (check out Boing Boing) at 'WatchBerlin' - too sad they forgot to make subtitles for the people who are not capable of understanding american english ...

Cory Doctorow at WatchBerlin.

nin store - Thank You.

The first nine tracks for free of the new album series 'Ghosts I-IV' from uncle Trent. A really great offer. Only $5 for all 36 tracks? What do I get for $300? A signed nail-gun?


Under CC-license?? 320kbps MP3 files without DRM ... oh boy, so many innovations that only the use of the .ogg-Codec could top it.

Thanks Mr. Reznor.