Sound of Spreeblick auf die Ohren - Part 1.

Nachdem die Wahnsinnigen mit dem wassergetrübten Blick die drei 'besten' Songs (jedweder Form) gesucht hatten, liegen nun die Ergebnisse vor.

Zum WarmTaggen, habe ich mal mit den Top-20 angefangen (die jetzt zwangsläufig eine Top-22 darstellen).

Die anderen werde ich wohl mal am Samstag anfangen - vielleicht möchte ja jemand kollaborativ mitmischen (nach Alphabet?)? So Web2.0-mäßig? last.fm-Account wäre natürlich (leider) die Voraussetzung.

Aber zur Sache, Schätzchen. Eine Melodie, eine Musik, ein sperriges 'Sound of Spreeblick - Top 20'-Tag - Rohrfrei.

P.S. Um aus diesen 'personal'-tags offizielle zu machen, müßte nur jemand ein paar der Songs ebenfalls unter genau diese Tag 'Sound of Spreeblick - Top 20' abspeichern, klar, ne?


News from the Halblinks ...

Ah. Neuigkeiten von Down Under. Direkt mal die Karte aktualisieren.

Größere Kartenansicht


RSS Media Overkill - Take this Hand.

Pfehw ... All this RSS-stuff can get a bit too much to handle. There do exist so many different possibilities to manage all the feeds and media, but with now with EVA8000 there is another possibility - NOT?

The interface is a hog, so let's get back several steps (tap, tap, tap) and say "It's just a little player" - "It's just a little player." - Good, because 24/7 it eats too much power.

To handle about 20 different podcasts per day (or even countless), the NSLU2 unslung or even running Debian seems to be far more better - using BashPodder.

BashPodder is not THE program or script, but it shows perfectly how simple one could manage his personal data-mining. Momentarily about 30 different modifications have been contributed to the official page - so the possibilities are endless.

Now with like any other media like ogg, flac, mp4, mov (who cares about Fraunhofers mp3 anyway), you could only have one archive on the NSLU2 and are able to play it everywhere - SSH included, but that's another story to tell. Nothing has changed and everything works. Thanks to 'linc' and his three small scripts.


Following the Halblinks.

Nice to read and follow my friends directly, even with Streetview:

Größere Kartenansicht


The Night the Earth still tagged the Moon.

[UPDATE:] I meant cool songs, really. Not uncool nursery rhymes or tekkno.

Tonight is a very special night. The moon is bigger than ever (no, not the end of the world as we know it) and it should be a long one too, really good weather worldwide (just kidding).

So, while participating on a funny but really heavy non-contest at german spreeblick, crawling through memories and music archives to find 'The best Songs of the World as Compilation [...]', I just started the 'apogee2008'-tag on last.fm - the combination of the circumstances, many feelings, love and hate really also available (I just started it, so it's only three songs yet, after one hour of listening).

If you want to make it global within last.fm, be invited, use the same tag.

(Btw. Disabled scrobbling only for the contest, but still online)

Farewell, beautiful woman.

The Original most photographed pin-up model of the world has left - Betty Page died yesterday, 11th of December, 2008 at the age of 85.

She truly was the inspiration for zillions of posings and motives - she even has had her own living cover-version (we know her called Dita von Teese).

Farewell and greetings to MM.

via BBC-News.


New Boy-Toy: EVA8000 from Netgear.

I am a bit sad about ... to write this down ... well, I thought it was a good idea to invite more less deck-binded hardware into our cosy home.

EVA8000 from Netgear looked quite ok to replace the old athlon-based-energy-killing-video-/audio-stream-server and it's penguin-based; what else do you need? Even a small card is within the package, telling everyone about the GPL and seperateley the GNU-stuff - bought!

And it works quite well ... almost (what have you thought, though?).

@first: Before you directly connect something or attach it to the net (explicitly written down for dumb users) - get a cheapo USB-stick as 'media-data' device. EVA8000 (eq. with 128MB of RAM) needs EXTERNAL(!) memory for your media library - so all scanned data has to be saved somewhere, if you have a NAS or a USB-drive, EVA just chooses it and starts writing (if she has the right to do so - M$ Windoze-users somewhere?)

... building several directories, meta-information of your music and video-files, internet-radio preferences, configuration files of Samba-servers ... containing 'cleartext passwords' of your SMB-shares and ... WAIT, WHAT?


No way. So let's check the amount of data we're talking about - I took my first data as example: approx. 3,500 files on your HDD/NAS/whatever needs about 800K of metadata for the EVA-8000 from Netgear.

Hmmm ... it does not save any pictures, RSS-feeds, podcasts, videocasts ... but who knows what may come up next - so maybe a 1 GB-stick should be enough for max. of 1TB of real data.

So, at first without anything else attached but a USB-stick on the back of EVA (configured as her personal monkey ;-) could feed her as cache, safe config place and archive without bugging any kind of TB-HDD spinning up and down. *Phew* - the passwords remain unsecure, but it's safe that they stay local on the stick, nor (what about EVAs-web-interface?)?

Upcoming: Try to introduce to EVA a local or not 'web-shoutcast'-based webradio which works perfectly with any (open and closed) client from 'Foobar' up to 'xmms' (did I mention winamp?)- Vigor's lastFMproxy vs. EVA - no chance to listen to last.fm or Pandora, because of 'missing' metadata or capabilities (sad but true) - and we are not talking about HDMI-stuff here. What are standards for? Do we ignore them? Did someone hire enthousiastic script kiddies and no pros? I do not know it - but one thing for sure: EVA8000 is not yet far from plain acceptable.

P.S. Someone might ask about the r/w-cycles of USB-sticks and the whole discussion - as answer for EVA8000: Do you really scan every night your whole archive? Why? What for? Leecher? Get something else - I do it on demand ... idiots.

P.P.S. Thought and tried about manipulating the 'netradiofavourites' (XML-file) of EVA8000. No chance. It seems that Netgear only supports one kind of format - whether it is mp3 or not, but only shoutcast? Really funny? Did'nt the 6 year OLD NOXON from Terratec support any kind of mp3? Yes it did. Glad to own one - sad for Netgear - we are talking about the penguins, aren't we?


Think locally - Fuck globally.

Now let's wait and see. Fair prices for sure.

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AlmostVicePresident gave an Interview.

That's a scenery ... for Sarah.

Really unbelievable. What if she ... NOT!


Google for the Pros.

Nice interface for world's most known search engine - and a cool Ajax-project (so don't forget to enable Javascript) called goosh (the Google Shell). Thanks to silentdan.

But I WON'T try out the LOGIN-function - this is too personal to hand out any keys.

Optimise ... unsling more ...

The Spindown-script for the sg3-utils works well on the NSLU2 ... but it has been written in perl ... so it eats up about 7% RAM (the slug only has 32MB ...) - let's check the net for a bash- or a C-version ... can't be too hard to find, NOT?

Ah. There is bash-script at the Ubuntu-Wiki (3.7% RAM) ... preferred.

It's about small things, you know?

... feeling better @work ...

Stumble upon last.fm ... Drinks anyone?


The 3rd Day - Debian on the NSLU2 - the Old Man's Way.

It works ... my draft was totally correct - it has been all the time.

Never buy cheapo-sticks.

On my first and second try I used two different USB-sticks ... both (so I know now) are ... a bit unstable on the NSLU. After rereading several posts on the net I bought a fresh 2GB-stick from Trekstor and it works like a charm.

Now the rest like a TPLink-WLAN-stick (works: rt73 original driver), a 1TB-HDD (works: formatted like hell to ext3) and even a passive USB-Hub (yeah) ... just standard Linux-probs ...

... NAT just installed ... Firewall built ... Samba still dancing ... NFS, maybe ...


The 2nd Day - Debian on the NSLU2 - the Old Man's Way.

From scratch ... no link to the old frustrating post from yesterday and not getting published (maybe).

Prelude: Don't try it - it did not work out for me, it is only for documentary purposes.

Act 1 - The Opening

#00: Get some beer or some wine (needed some pills because of yesterday? Well, a cup of tea, maybe?).

#0: Write down your (maybe) manual config of the NSLU (believe it), also configure your router to offer DHCP including the NSLUs MAC-address and a local IP (believe it, even if it works now with your manual selected IP) - Hint: Use the same IP-/Gate-/DNS-settings for both pieces of hardware.
#1: Get a regular Linux-Live-CD like Finnix (if you know what you do and how to do it) or a Knoppix (if you need the man-pages).
#2: Prepare the USB-stick using the linux-system on your PC from #1 (changed from the 8GB- down to a 2GB-Version) - Partition the stick using 'fdisk' to f.ex. sda1 as 'bootable ext3' (1.5G) and sda2 as 'swap' (the rest about 400MB).
#3: Switch back to Windoze (reboot, do not forget to empty your CD-tray) and place the stick somewhere reachable but do NOT attach it to the NSLU2.
#4: Get your hands on the right ARM-Debian-Installer for your NSLU2 (yeah, the one WITH the support for the Intel-Ethernet chipset).
#5: Turn your NSLU2 into upgrade-mode (link to the examples) - if you try to, release the 'tool', 'pin', whatever you use to press the button the moment the colour of 'Ready/Status' changes slightly from 'amber' to 'red' (to my eyes this is like from 'dark yellow' to 'darker yellow' - maybe those LEDs were cheaper). The right moment is achieved, when 'Ready/Status' blinks.
#6: (Re-)Eeprom the NSLU using Ugutil with the Debian-Installer (sounds like in those old Infocom adventures, remember it?).
#7: Wait ... between 10 and 20 minutes ...
#8: ... wait ... get a cigarette ...
#9: ... wait until the upgrader has finished the process of verification ... a three beeps are hearable (no, for sure NOT if you have on your headset listening to KoRn).

Act 2 - Prepeare for the unexpected ... of ... DEBIAN ...

#10: Ever heard of Putty? Prepare the good old Putty for launch (btw. where is my witch?) and save it for upcoming sessions.
#11: Try to connect via SSH using the name/pass-combo 'installer'/'install' (stay calm ... it could take some time).
#12: You see the Debian-Installer-window ... Remember #3? Where's the stick? Now you can use it, say... on port 1 of the NSLU2? (some say port 2 is better, others fight for port 1, who knows the difference?).
#13: I've have been really often at this point #13 ... is it a bad sign? Let's move on.
#14: Select 'menu', select your preferred 'Language', an appropriate mirror, (if nothing happens, stay calm, so you have a problem with your FTP-session here ... wait ... you already know this since Act 1, #7 ... wait until an error windows pops up, select 'Get Back', in the main menu select 'Choose a mirror of the Debian archive', select 'http' (why did'nt I make screenshot? Damn.), select your loveliest mirror country.
#15: Select the 'stable' release.
#16: In the main menu select the 'Download installer components'.
#17: The needed components are: (list of components).
#18: Talk to your wife and get some more time and beer (or wine or another cup of tea).
#19: Now the 'partitioner' starts up and ... but wait - the bigger your stick, the longer you can ... wait ... if you are unlucky, go back to #5 (I already made about 10 times - I think, noone else would confess it, but I have to).
#20: Select 'Manual' and hope the sda-devices show up - then select it.
#21: #1 and #2 are useless ... the Installer only accepts the whole USB-stick, whether you try 'guided' or 'manual' - Do not even dare to touch any kind of 'mtdblock's - it's all NSLU2-EEprom-stuff.
#22: If you have about 2GB space, partition 'sda' like 3/4 to 1/4 ... or as suggested '75%' at the beginning of the stick (muahaha ... what comes next?) - do not forget to turn on the 'bootable flag'.
#23: Partition the 'swap'-space - the rest of space is shown calculated and configured not to ext3 but 'swap area'.
#24: So it's time to go on ... hopefully select 'write the changes to disk' (too sad the partitions prepared at #1 and #2 could have not been found).
#25: GREAT - 'Input/output error' (after 'bout 10 retries, I chose 'Ignore') - I am back to #6, no ... wait, something just happened after a 10 minute timeout on the SSH-console.
#26: 'Starting up the partitioner' ... hangs at 63% this time ... I go back to #1.

Again 2.5h of lost life ...


White Stripes? Better!

"My dear mister singing club"... Johnossi really do have it. Hope they come to Arvika next year.

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Waiting for johnossi


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All the thanks, kisses and cheers to the Nightshift today (tonight?).

Not talking about a King script or a really good scandinavian movie.

But for everyone working 1 hour more this night for the summer-/wintertime-stuff ...

... all the thanks to your job (even it it is in Paris whre the UTC lives.

P.S. Yeah, M$, AP, SE, Nk, and the rest of the bunch (technically written) - just fix it, many thanks (I do have to switch the time manually?!?)

P.P.S This post has been scheduled for release in one hour - so it's just a part of the system ... you know (the damn idiots)?


Long Time ago - Battlefield Vietnam.

Once upon a certain LAN-party-time there was this really well equipped soundtrack - well, like others before I just tried to track them down at last.fm - succesfully - many others just forgot that the 'valkyrie'-stuff was originally from 'the guy called Wagner' - so I found that too (*evil grin*).

Have fun with it: Grumpys 'battlefield-vietnam'-tag at last.fm


last.fm Opponent?

Too sad it does not work outside of Sweden yet ...

But spotify.com could become a nice web alternative listening music over the net. They just made several major deals.

Btw. IP-based-country-content-blocking sucks so much ...


Farewell, Mr. Newman.

My first film I can remember of with him was 'The Sting' - the last one was 'Road to Perdition'. He left us last Saturday - was there someone in this world who knew he had lung cancer? Tough man.


Suspensful Reading for today.

Ever heard of the 'Times Picayune'? In 2006 they were the only ones upholding the information flow while Katrina rumbled through NO - worth two Pulitzer Prizes.

I think today's Feed is worth a subscription.

UPDATE: There also was a great livejournal with really hard pictures from a guy called 'interdictor' who administrated a bureau and stayed tough - online again, new with actual name - the feed.


The Flight back - at last.

A bit shocking to find nothing about your booked and paid flight on the net which seemed to got cancelled.

3 calls later, an emptied prepaid card and more kronour going down the drain using international roaming we were invited for a direct flyg home ...

I could use some vacation.

The last Day.

So many data to sort, so many pictures to categorize and another last 20km-round-trip up the Njuolla - but we did not go to the top. All the days we were in luck with the weather; only two days with real rain on our tracks.

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UPDATE: Out of which queue did this post found its way to the net? That was already 2 days ago? Funny roaming stuff.


Rocking the LAP-D and the Darkness.

So yesterday the ancient offerplats 'Baddusdievva' was the first stop for the great view off Cuonavaggi (Lapporten). On the way to Nissunvaggi we went lucky to loose the track, wandered by compass and the Lovely Young Woman was satisfied by 5 Renhorn in the 'Lapponian Desert' - we could'nt end our trip without those.

So today we started smooth as it rained all the time since morning, sought a better way to 'wet our pants' and took an official grottning tour. The caves between Abisko and Björkliden are hard to find (known since 1983), and should be visited with a guide (not a printed one, but of flesh, bones and a senseful mind for the point of return). It was dark, wet, loud as hell, a bit scary and too much water for a 'rebirth' (a full walk through until the exit). Btw. our guide Christian is a hell of a mean climbing machine.
Last day in Abisko is near - *sobb*.

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A sunny and Mosquito-free day in Abisko.

Well, only about 200 times to sweep tiny mosquitos from the arms, legs, face and back. A true T-shirt-day. Good chance for another day off, visit the heart of Abisko, check out the local supermarket and buy and eat those things we did not really miss but love to eat. Fresh vegetables and sausages. Not sure to visit the top of Njulla or follow the Paddus trail to an ancient Sami-point tomorrow. Back still hurts - it feels like the ominous 'phantom-backpack'. A bit glad that until our flight back we'll stay on day trips.

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Back to "Civilization".

After Kebnekaise we had no more connection to the outer world. Many funny stories to tell. But at first comes the end. Singi, Sälka, Tjäktja (the pass was not as hard to take as many people said - even in a guide they exaggerated), Alesjaure, Abiskojaure and finally Abisko. It can be a bit depressive while looking at the white water of the Abeskoeatnu you hear a horn and realize a bridge crossing the river with a freight train of 80 wagons transporting iron from Kiruna to Narvik - instant thought: return to Fjäll. Almost forgot to make a picture. But after check-in and a good sleep - here comes something for the swedish chef de cuisine from Stockholm (hej Niklas): Steaked ägg med rökt ren, lök, paprika och tomaten. Now that was a good start back in civilization.

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A Day-Trip to the Great Glacier.

As I was already worried about the glacier de Rhône in switzerland, the 'Storglacieren' is a really wonderful but also painful view. The valley along the Darfáljohka is really rich of all different kinds of flowers. So our short seven hours/16km-trip was the last one in this valley. Dag Hammarskjöldsleden will lead us to Singi and the Kungsleden tomorrow.

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The Plan has changed.

Nice to have so much time to make plans for short trips.

About 6 kilometers northeast from Kebnekaise Fjällstation exists a glacier-institute near Tarfala. Between 2007 and 2009 research about the relationship between climate and glacier dynamics is been intensified.

So you can't say, we do not learn something out in the Fjäll - even if it will be not funny. Who was it again: "There is no such thing as Global Warming."

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Northern Topping - served chilled.

We did it. And it did us. But after Hochflue, Rigi Scheidegg, the Gr. Mythen and the entrance of the Matterhorn, the Hörnlihütte, we can pinpoint one more location: Sveriges Kebnekaise - but it really looks like the top has been built using tons of gravel, doesn't it?

12 hours. Damn cold up there. It began to snow and the stones went icy. So we came back at 3 this morning.
Today is called chill-out day. Tomorrow we'll move on.

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Flying Chickens so far up north?

For about 60 euros one could fly from Nikkaluokta to Kebnekaise Fjällstation with a helicopter. Yesterday it started to rain - a Finn would say that there is no such thing as bad weather - but it looks like there are too many people with unbroken legs and wallets to be emptied around. Now that's a bit annoying to see five people to catch the next flight back to civilization. One could imagine how those people look like with shiny equippment and just bought boots.

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Wet Warm-up for the Top.

As proposed by smhi.se the weather got worse. For tomorrow evening a clear view is foreseen (crystal ball anyone?). So today we made a short step-in: six km to and back the route. New snow has fallen, so for tomorrow we'll take out our hardshells. If we're lucky we get back at midnight on saturday. Funny incident: met some scouts from Duesseldorf, Nicki & Andreas, they teamed up here; he came by from Norway and she travelled by sea from Ireland. Crazy ones...

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Several Days - The short Version.

Flight to Kiruna, Camp Kiruna, Bus to Nikkaluokta, Camp Nikkaluokta, hiking about 20 km with 25 kg on my back, to get many stitches. Know the Elephant Man? My right hand doubled. Those tiny suckers. But now we've reached the Kebnekaise bottom - and tomorrow the weather will be bad. So let's wait for friday.
P.s: Dear Telia, why are Prepaid-Customers not allowed to use the internet, but are able to send SMS? So the rest follows hopefully tomorrow - there's the net at Keb STF!

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Day #2: The ordinary tourist.

With Stockholmskortet it is a great fun to run through the museums and drive through town by boat. A crazy sign-exhibition on kungsträdgården from kilroy (a scandinavian travel agency) called "signspotting" - really worth several hard laughs.

One last good meal before we're off to the wilderness - aehem, ok ... at least Kiruna at last.

STHLM is still a funny town.

On monday we'll head on to Kiruna - nice to be again in Stockholm. Even better with a Rhinozero shoving you through the streets or into the best beer bar in town.

Only trivia to be reported. Lost a button on my shirt - could that incident be interprated as loss to american sewing quality?

Ah. Blogger should embed more of its own services like Picasa. Our raw pics from this trip could be found at Picasa.


Up up and away.

Getting nervous.

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Mobile blogging from far far away - test.

Just a short test to check bloggers mail capabilities. So I may write via my mobile ... Maybe twitter or plazes should be tested.


Donne-moi ce Truc !

Strange things are happening around at the Circle K. Right two weeks ago I started a new last.fm-playlist for my personal
festival wishes including many french artists, and now Fréderic of the Spreeblick-team posted a list with six of his personal most influential french tracks.

Before I start a new "I-can't-sing-french-but-do-it-anyway"-tag (it has to include Anthrax and Turbonegro, for sure, maybe Placebo ...), let's put a bee in your bonnets.

Nearly all on the comments were available ...


Side Effects ...

The truck drivers in Spain and France are on strike because of the raising fuel prices ... and it seems like the newspapers also have a problem. But is it really a problem to deliver directly using a PDF like Libération does for today?

A nice side effect and a nice free edition. Merci beaucoup, camionneurs!


Best Game at the Moment.

Last official second has passed - but Switzerland<->Turkey is momentarily the best game I have seen at EM08. What a fight.

Update 93m: What a great game ... what a great goal and Switzerland is only a host.


The ultimate beer.

Now it has been proven. It is possible to get a hangover from Mellanöl.



Rear View Mirror.

From time to time one should use it - especially if you plan to pass a traffic light which already shows 'dark' yellow.

The last driver of a black BMW, I've seen an hour ago, might remember it, right the moment the lights and siren went on while he went to pass the crossing ...

And all that I saw with my right eye in my rear view mirror.


Trail-Training Bollendorf ...

Met only 20 people in about 7 hours on my first 20km-trip with backpack. Really a nice area for hiking. Just built a route for Google Earth and pure GPS incl. several points of interest. But it looks like I can't add GPX-data to blogger.com?

UPDATE: Google Maps allows the upload and even embedding:

View Larger Map
The KML-file for Google Earth.


Remember the Bicycle Day.

Albert Hofmann lordly left our sphere at the age of 102 years.


Guitar Hero was nice - now let's get real.

After a wonderful saturday night with GH3 on a Wii (wireless, great!), I think the next step should be taken. I want a game with a real guitar - since nowadays processors are really fast, this should be possible. And it is.

Why can't it be already late 2008?

Looks like a perfect winter to me.

(via wired)


"Save A Ronin" - mentally ...

Before hell burns over, our silent friend needs some help as it seems – before something wanders off to another museum right around the corner.

The collection has already started on saturday ...

And I want that shirt!


My musical pros ...

Now for me and my friends everywhere ... All available songs from Guitar Hero I-III and the 80's for easy listening moments when a console is not available.

I wish EA would upload all songs of the BF series to last.fm.


So many countries ... so view chances.

It will be nice to see again a metal band at the Eurovision Song Contest - but why on the dark side of earth it has to be Teräsbetoni (ferroconcrete)? Dear Finns ... you could do better than a northern Manowar!

Btw. Thanks to swedish television, where you can already check out all countries participants.

And Dan, forget about Iceland ... ok, it's shivering, but that's all.


You need an institution for the truth?

TWH, Pentagon and the Media walking hand-in-hand? Unbelievable?

Do one really need the NYT, telling an already well-known truth? Ask Art Spiegelmann (in german, sorry).

*I forgot the 'sarcasm'-tags.*


Don't feed the Trolls.

Seems to be a good start for a summer on Iceland with Halli Kúl Polka - good luck, Dan. Vi ses.


Rockin' la Bonanza ...

My silent friend already has his new spare-time bag for his trip into the tundra ...

I'll start with a moveable house ... two apsis, 'bout 3kg ... less weight is not affordable ... I do not want to go to Alaska, but Denali seems to be the best choice.


"... from my cold, dead hands ..."

One of the real grumpy old men has left this reality ... farewell - I'll remember you thinking about your good old days from "Soylent Green" and "Planet of the Apes" and not your dark site of life.


Dumb Thieves - my Pleasure and my Pain.

Last week some finger-magician broke into my car and forgot about the rules. He cut the wires of my OGG-capable Yakumo Hypersound.

So much about a living idiot - he has no idea of technical stuff. The Yakumo has a sad firmware but plays Ogg Vorbis perfectly (unless you try something better as Q6), a horrible CD-player which always drops out or sucks the CDs, the complete and utterly worst FM-receiver I was ever able to listen to ... and ... but ... now it comes.

I wish the guy, who'll install my stolen Yakumo is one of those 'pimp-my-low-budget-car-i-can't-afford-it' with a 'i-need-the-most-bass-subwoofer' ...

... no clearvoyant might help you ... from time to time the Yakumo will kick off highest Vol and the all keys will drop dead - even the power button ... aaahhh ... *how sweet my vengeance tastes*.

Btw. My new Dayton is far more perfect for me - it remembers me not to forget the panel - but it took me two hours to fit all cables for a british car and, 'YES' - it plays Ogg Vorbis - no Fraunhofer license music in my car, plz.

P.S. I wish it has an orange ambiance light.


The Drink for the Elite ...

Real life incidents could happen ...

... but I still missed No. #665 ...


Seattle + Seattle = Kultur Shock + KEXP.

Sometimes I am too dumb to count from 1 to 10. Irregulary listening to KEXP (where music matters) now for more than 9 years, I really forgot about their online-archive.

Found two studio-gigs from 2002 and 2005 of Kultur Shock - admireable!

Thanks Dad.

He did the right choice for me when I was a kid.


Please, talk clear.

I just thought to send a link to a friend for a nice idea of a summer-trip.


I don't think I sent something comprehensible.


Linux anywhere, me Idiot! - Part 2


Yesterday in the evening I thought it might be a good idea to have a full functional linux-driven USB-stick for all 'known' platforms. I think I made a good start.

- Checked my 'put-all-on-the-stick' (still need a name) under the ugly Vista. First startup, the box crashes. Had to disable the sound. Now it works. Made a second startup-batch-script with disabled sound. Network works out-of-the-box (a real surprise btw.). *done*

- I only did a minimal installation of Debian, btw. Now I select the appropriate packages for my needs - a good hint for a start is 'A minimal setup with X' from Debian (gde, fluxbox chosen). I try Iceweasel (the Debian port of Firefox) and secure it with Privoxy, NoScript, AdBlockPlus - for the development, the Web Developer and Exif Viewer. *done*

- Not to forget to harden the system! Securing services, iptables, etc. pp.

- To get access via ssh from the regular host, use '-redir'. I just tried to connect via putty including a local tunnel to Port80. *done*


Linux anywhere, me Idiot! - Part 1

Whilst administration of and programming my noble wife's site, I challenge my PC, the server, my Mac at work, my wife's eMac or a power- or notebook, whatever and wherever ... and always have to change something, test something, upgrade something, you know what I mean ...

Why in the world, did I not yet made an USB-stick containing a mirror of the site? Not only for backup reasons, but also as a start-or-boot-linux-whatever-chip-I-confront-thingy?

NSLU - you have to wait. Here comes the world of qemu for linux, 'Q' for the Mac, sadly Qemu for Microsnoft Windows, Debian for sure and so here I go - anything else I may need I should find at pendrivelinux.

- USB-stick, 2GB, cheapo but it works. *done*

- Grab the Debian-Installer - I use the smallest one, the business-card, the rest comes over the net. *done*

- Download 'Q' for the Mac. *done*
'Q' names the HD-images ".qcow" - I don't know why, but as it seems, I could use any name within Linux and M$W. Installation? Started, HD-Image created (1.5GB should be enough), let's go.

- Install Debian - the ordinary stuff, small, encrypted image, tiny X, apache, MySQL ... oh, Python not to forget. *done*

- While waiting for the Mac, I do switch places - download and install qemu for Windoze (I don't know if it will work with Vixxxa, so I'll try Wbug2K first. Looks like it works, but I do need TAP for the network and there exists an accelerator. All these things and How-To's can be found at the 'QEMU on Windows'-site (check out the 'Documentation' - sounds silly, but it contains all evident hints). Tested using the Debian-installer-image under W2K until an affirmative download has been started. *done*

- Still waiting for the finish of Deb's install. I comment sth worthfully in german at the Handelsblatt. *done*

- "Package Selection" - I know my wife will come home within the next minutes (always the wrong time if you have started a new game ;-), so I think I have to snip it right here. "What?" you may ask. 'Q' for the Mac allows a full 'Session Save' - it rocks. But I have to continue as long as I am alone ... Restart and fulfill ... *done*

- *whew* - the package selection and installation has finished, just in time. So let's try a reboot of the sandbox but not on the mac, I have to try the rest on the PC - it works.

The LUKS passphrase is the encryption key for hda1 (aka the virtual disk .qcow) I defined before.

Ah. My wife is home. Let's try an 'apt-get update', everything fine ... aaaaaaand CUT! *done*

Time spent: 2.5 hrs.
--- to be continued ---


Feed my brain ... with a boy-toy.

I have to flash something ... fast ... have not openend any case for months now ... ok. Calm down. Wait till the week-end. Take a cheapo NSLU, unsling it ... and rock again in my whole net.


Ein Ferkel, ein Ministerium und Gott.

Vielleicht sollten Erwachsene auch mal wieder Kinderbücher lesen. Lesen und verstehen. Schön, daß es ab und an erziehungsberechtigte Menschen gibt, die sich nichts vormachen lassen, im Gegensatz zum bundeschristlichdeutschen Familienministerium.

Das Buch "Wo bitte geht's zu Gott?" darf im Handel bleiben - und ich hatte bereits die Befürchtung, ich müßte es verbrennen.


The Vampires strike back.

Doctorow seems to be on a full presentation trip in Berlin. netzpolitik.org has also made an interview.

And he wears a cooler shirt.

Online Videos by Veoh.com

Gygax HD+70.

His name always sounded like arisen from a Monster Compendium. Nowadays you don't know how to throw the dices. But Gary invented them. In addition to what dan already said:

"Fare well, noble man."

P.S. boingboing rereleased an interview from 2003.


Interview with a Vampire.

Cory Doctorow (check out Boing Boing) at 'WatchBerlin' - too sad they forgot to make subtitles for the people who are not capable of understanding american english ...

Cory Doctorow at WatchBerlin.

nin store - Thank You.

The first nine tracks for free of the new album series 'Ghosts I-IV' from uncle Trent. A really great offer. Only $5 for all 36 tracks? What do I get for $300? A signed nail-gun?


Under CC-license?? 320kbps MP3 files without DRM ... oh boy, so many innovations that only the use of the .ogg-Codec could top it.

Thanks Mr. Reznor.


CD Cover Meme - Miombo Barbet.

(via SANOMAT - the german finsk pal) - A very nice idea. Creative workout - so to say.

Have you ever heard of the algerian DJs who call themselves "Miombo Barbet"? Me neither, but their first sampler looks quite interesting ... just kidding, it is a fake cover art for a nonexistant band.

1. A random band name.
2. A random album name (the last four words of the quotation).
3. A random picture (but check the rights of the picture if it really is under editable CC-license!).
4. Try to do your best.

So, Dan - show me what you've got!

Funny flickr pool of built covers and maybe the best flip-cover-show.

About the history of "Miombo Barbet" - a bird found on Africa. The album title has been sponsored by Sir Peter Ustinov (what a lucky boy I must be).And the wonderful picture from flickr fell in my hands. The font KomikaZoom has been found at one of the numerous mirrors with apostrophes Fonts.

Update: if you need a picture with an appropriate CC-licence you could check flickr using a small script from mikelietz