Lost in Calendars ...

Normally one should write "how-to"s or FAQs - but for this time I need to rant.

Dear Calendar people (Yeah, you iCal, CalDAV, Davical, Outlook, GoogleCal-Android, CALwhatever ppl) - are you nuts?

* My firm uses a groupware based on those tiny closed silver fruit-symboled Hightech-Servers - so, there is an iCal.
* Some friends of mine do have a groupware based on OpenSource which is called OX (a name as thick like a head in this case).
* To make my life easier, I thought it might be a good idea to have my own small private dedicated server based upon owncloud - which is a great tool - regulary (my data - my way - sure).
* On my netbook I can use Iceowl like a charm normally (Debian naming, you know?).
* On my mobile I thought Jorte is a great tool.

Now here we go.

* Jorte can only im- or export or sync Google calendars.
* Iceowl can almost connect everything but shows errors on OX.
* owncloud has a great interface but can only IMPORT icals via manual upload - not via link or even sync.
* OX can only IMPORT 'social' (whatever that means) or Google calendars via file and is not syncable with iceowl (Error 500) or iCal (behind a firewall blocking 8443) - but they do have a 'connector' for Mozilla apps - DOH!.
* iCal is only at work so I don't care.

Are you all totally crazy? (or) What the Frag?!?

Aren't we all talking about standards all the time? A "simple" thing:
* An owncloud server should be able to sync with external calendars via net - whether DAVcal, CalDAV, DAVical, ical ... SYNC - not only via UPLOAD(!)
* A Jorte application on an Android based device should be able to SYNC(!) - the same like for owncloud.
* An OX server should be able to import ALL kinds of formats as long as they are free - furthermore especially an OX server should be able to sync!
* Apple is Apple - so I don't care - please, just die (take a look what you have made out of CUPS).
* Outlook is Outlook - take a look at Apple and do the same, please.

Should it be really impossible to have a personal(!) small(!) server syncing(!) cals from different sources into one database to connect via a secure line to see what's up? Rly?

And this is not meant as free as in beer - but in several beers.